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LAND O LAKES® Doe’s Match® Premium Blend Kid Milk Replacer

Your kid goats are full of energy and needs a milk replacer to keep them energized and growing. LAND O LAKES® Doe’s Match® Premium Blend kid milk replacer is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your kid goat and deliver full potential nutrition for optimum production later in life.

Advantages for Kid Goat Raisers

Inspired by Doe’s Milk

Combines protein, fat and carbohydrates for balanced nutrition that mimics doe’s milk to provide the energy your kid goat needs for efficient growth.

Support Healthy Kid Goats

Doe’s Match® Premium Blend kid milk replacer contains a cobination of technologies to support gut health and strong immunity in your kid goat.

Kid Goat Feeding

Milk Replacer Mixing Instructions

Start by feeding 1/2 pint of milk replacer mixture 3-4 times a day for the first three days. Gradually decrease the number of feedings and increase the amount per feeding. Feeding rates may be adjusted according to age and desired growth goals.

Feeding Baby Goats for Best Results

Begin feeding kid goat milk replacer on day 2 after feeding colostrum. Provide fresh, clean water along with a high-quality dry feed on a free-choice basis.
Water temperature for mixing kid goat milk replacer should be 110-120 degrees F. Kid goat milk replacer should be 105 degrees F when delivered to the kid. Always weigh milk replacer powder for accurate mixing. Kid goat milk replacer fed from a free choice device should be kept cool at approximately 60 degrees F.