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LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete

Hot weather, stress and dehydration can put calves’ health at risk. LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete is an all-in-one early intervention and treatment solution to hydrate calves and get them back on track.

Advantages for Your Calves

All-In-One Solution 

LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete gives you everything you need in one bag to address dehydration in calves and other livestock species.

Calf Scours Support

Calves experiencing scours and other health issues may face electrolyte loss and dehydration. LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete helps address dehydration and re-hydrates calves once scours start. 

Get calves drinking

Ingredients in LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete encourage calves to drink water for hydration support during heat stress and encourage calf starter feed intake.

Feed Intake Support

Stress from transitions, diet changes, transportation and disease challenges such as calf scours can cause a feed intake drop. Each dose of LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete provides vitamin B to help encourage eating. 

Feeding Dairy Calves

Electrolyte Mixing Instructions

Mix LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte Complete with 110-120°F water. Feed in-between milk or milk replacer feedings at 100-105°F. Electrolyte Complete mixes in an orange color to easily differentiate from water. Don’t mix electrolytes with milk or milk replacer. See feeding instructions for dosage information.  

Best Results

Feed in between milk replacer or pasteurized milk feeding or administer with an esophageal feeder when needed. Use a thermometer to check water temperature and weigh electrolyte powder for accurate mixing. Only use low sodium water (<50 ppm) for mixing milk replacer and feeding calves.