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Multi-Species Nutrition

Raising baby animals should be fun and exciting – and worry-free. We’re proud to help eliminate the worry of raising llamas, alpacas, deer, lambs, kid goats, foals, cattle and pigs through our proven multi-species milk replacer nutrition.

Multi-species Milk Replacer

LAND O LAKES® Pro-Nurse® Multi-Species Milk Replacer
If a baby animal loses its mother, the last thing you should worry about is where its next meal will come from. In the case of an emergency, this multi-species milk replacer provides the nutrition your young animals require.

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Multi-Species Electrolytes

LAND O LAKES® Multi-Species Electrolytes
Keep baby animals hydrated through heat stress or scours with this unique product. Simply mix with water and feed in between milk replacer feedings to provide hydration support.