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Kid Goat Nutrition

Strong herds are the happiest. And it all begins with quality nutrition – that’s why our kid goat milk replacer and feeding program provides premium nutrition from the start.

Kid Goat Colostrum Replacer

LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement for Kid Goats and Lambs
Day 1: Colostrum is the first protection your kids receive. Feed this USDA-licensed goat colostrum replacement on day one to help your kids a solid start and reach their full potential.

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Kid Goat Milk Replacer

LAND O LAKES® Doe’s Match® Premium Blend kid milk replacer
Day 2 through weaning: Your kids are high energy – so their nutrition should be too. Feed this advanced goat milk replacer to help grow big, vigorous kids that can stand out in the show ring, parlor or breeding herd.

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