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Foal Nutrition

A newborn foal is a miracle in itself. But, in emergency situations, when a mare isn’t able to provide for her newborn, foals need your support. Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products is proud to help orphan foals across the country through our Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer products.

Foal Milk Replacer

LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer
Newborn foals require approximately 25 percent of their bodyweight in milk nutrition. This milk replacer mimics mare’s milk and should be fed when the mare is unable to care for her foal.

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Foal Transition Pellets

LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal transition pellets
Ease the weaning transition and give your horses the edge they need with this unique, milk-based supplement. Incorporate these pellets into your foal’s ration at week six to help them transition onto starter feed.

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