A newborn foal represents the future.  The right nutrition during the first few months of life is essential if a foal is to achieve its full potential as an adult.  Sometimes the mare can't fill this role.

We can help.

Mare's Match® Foal Milk Replacer and Foal Milk Transition Pellets take the place of the mare with palatable, scientifically proven nutrition.  Mare's Match® milk replacer is made with high quality milk protein and fat levels equal to the mare's own, providing the nutrition your foals need to reach their maximum potential.

Mare's Match® Foal Pellets are a milk-based supplement designed to provide young foals and weanling horses scientific nutrition that's part of a successful nutrition feeding program.  The combination of ingredients in Mare's Match® Milk Replacer and Foal Transition Pellets provide the energy and digestibility needed by growing foals.

A Meal Just Like Mom Used to Make

Designed Foal Nutrition


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