Land O'Lakes developed the first calf milk replacer over a half century ago. Since then we've been proud to introduce many other firsts in milk replacers for calves, lambs, kids, and foals.

We've also developed new processes to make our products easier to use and more effective. For example, our patented agglomeration process makes milk replacers easier to mix and our Architect® Formulation System combines protein, fat and carbohydrate for maximum performance. Our industry leading technologies are incorporated into the Cows Match® Growth Formula program. This revolutionary calf nutrition program helps calves reach their full potential like no other product in the history of calf milk replacers.

Before our new products reach your farm, they're thoroughly tested and proven on our research farm.

A History of development and introduction Firsts from Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products Company

1951 First calf milk replacer
1968 First instant calf milk replacer
1971 First lamb milk replacer results in significant increase in
        bonus lamb survivability rates
1973 First calf milk replacer with specially processed soy flour
        as an alternative protein source
1983 Milk replacer with Glymaxene® ingredient, the first
        combination protein milk replacer that equals all-milk in calf
        performance and reduces scour days by 43%.

1984 First pig milk replacer with immunoglobulins helps more
        baby pigs survive
1984 First kid milk replacer
1986 Insta*Flake® process introduced; makes milk replacers
        mix faster and easier
1989 RumaSweet bovine palatability intake enhancer
1990 First foal milk replacer that's the nutritional equivalent of
        mare's milk; helps breeders get the most out of orphaned
        and early-weaned foals

1991 Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products Company celebrates
        "Forty Years of Firsts"
1992 New lamb milk replacer (preserved)
1995 New mixing technology for all-milk calf milk replacer
1995 Architect® Formulation System calf milk replacers
2001 New Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula

2001 Opening of Black River Falls manufacturing plant for
        Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula
2003 Cow's Match® Jersey Blend Calf Growth Formula
2003 Improved Richer, Creamier Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula
2004 Improved Architect® technology incorporated into
        Cows Match® Calf Growth Formula
2004 Improved Architect® technology incorporated into
        Amplifier® MAX Calf Milk Replacers

2005 LAND O LAKES® Electrolyte System
2005 Bovine IgG Colostrum Replacement
2007 Amino Acid Advantage technology
2008 Formulate to Performance calf milk technology
2009 ClariFly® technology made available in calf milk replacers
2011 Digestarom® calf milk technology
2011 ColdFront® seasonal calf milk replacers
2012 WarmFront® seasonal calf milk replacers 
2013 Ultra Fresh® Optimum lamb milk replacer

 To get young animals off to the best start possible, feed them LAND O LAKES® Animal Milk Products-from the young animal experts with a history of firsts

Our Team:

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Staff 
Kevin Hoepker - General Manager
Ron Karstens - Director of Purchasing and Quality Assurance
Larry Van Roekel - Director of Marketing
Tom Earleywine PhD - Director of Nutritional Services
Don Stender - Plant Operations Manager
Robert Musser M.S. - Product and Process Development Manager
Ginny Sobcinski - Procurement Specialist
Marilyn Radmer - Marketing and Formulation
Barb Rozeboom - Executive Administrative Assistant

Rob Damon-National Account Sales Manager
Ralph Gill - National Account Sales Manager
Charlie Hofer – National Account Sales Manager
Melissa Holtz-National Account Sales Manager
Jorge Marin-Guzman - National Account Sales Manager
Todd McDonough - National Account Sales Manager
Sue Puffenbarger - National Account Sales Manager

Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products Company is a division of Land O'Lakes, Inc. a national Farmer-owned food and agricultural organization.